How is Banak Importa furniture?

Our furniture comes from Asian continent, where the main Banak Importa, productive centres are situated, which reach a surface of 90.000 m² with commercial offices in China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. All pieces are handmade elaborated with fine solid wood, mainly with teakwood, oak and Burma walnut. The quality of materials and its little artisanal shades get to confer, in every piece, the authenticity of being exclusive furniture.

In this way we offer you warm and cosy Banak Importa furniture, with different and original designs, which present you all types of innovative tendencies... ultimately, furniture like you.

How can I know if there is stock of the products that I want?

Our traffic lights will indicate you, approximately, the stock and the delivery time of our products. The blue traffic light indicate that this product has stock and you can receive it in your house immediately, deducting the delivery time which are since 10 to 20 days, depend of what kind of logistic service need your order. If traffic light is green, the product is in progress.. and will be available just 10 days later than the blue traffic light.

Sometimes demand for our products is more than we supposed, so we don’t have enough stock. In this case the traffic light is yellow, and the delivery of these goods can delayed 45 days approximately. Finally, if the traffic light is red, these pieces are temporarily deactivated of on-line sale and you just can acquire it in our shops.


Can I find the same products on web than in my Banak Importa shop?

You will find all your Banak Importa furniture as in the shop as on web. We must to dispense with some decorative article because of breakage but, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest shop and stay up to date with every novelty and promotion that we have for you!!

How can I find quickly something specific?

In the main page there is a fast browser with it will be easier to find everything that you need to furnish and decorate your home! If you write just a word it will appear all items connected with you search!.

How can I buy in this website?

Fast and comfortably, thanks to on-line sale, you can have all your furniture at home in a safe way. You have to follow the instructions that we will indicate you. Start to choose in the catalogue the products that you like. Remember, it is easy the search: though rooms or product utilities. When you have the chosen product you can open its card and you can see its description, measures, materials, etc… in this moment just with a click you can add it to your “shopping basket”. As you choose articles, these are group on page of your “shopping basket”, where you can see all articles selected or print the budget of your purchase. Check your shopping basket before to continue with your order, as this is the moment to introduce the amount, to modify or to correct possible confusions.

Step 1: Basket
Before to follow, we are choosing the delivery zone and the program make the calculation of the delivery time.

Step 2: Data
It will be helpful because you conserve all information of your purchase in order to consult it when you need it. This information is amazing because you can think about your purchase and thus you don’t introduce it again. To consult, you just have to accede to your account and ready! For another purchases you don’t have to register again!

Step 3: Summary
To give you peace, you can have a look to your order before confirm the purchase, check postage and packing, delivery dates, quantities, sale conditions, etc… Everything it’s all right? So, come on…

Step 4: Payment
Make the payment in the most confortable way for you; it can be by credit and debit card or by financing methods. Use our payment gateway or talk with our financial specialists and you can see that is very simple, confortable and safe.

Step 5: Receipt
Finally, you have here the summary and receipt of your purchase together with the necessary details to pay attention in your delivery time process. You can consult everything on the menu “My Account”.


How can I know my order state?

Consult your account and you can to know how is the process of your order: “My account” and next, identify you writing the e-mail and password chosen to make the purchase.

· Order condition and load progress: If you have arrived to this section mean that your order has transmitted to our logistic collaborator. When your articles are available, it prepares and packs carefully to send it.

· Order sent: The haulage contractor is administering your order, so shortly you will have it at home.

If you want to cancel your order, you have to note that you can cancel it just if your order is in authorization process.


How does the furniture that I order arrive?

Your furniture arrives via our specialist logistic services. There is two kind of delivery: logistic and parcel, depends of the volume of furniture.

The both delivery systems that Banak Importa offer, deliver the goods directly from central office to its destination. Thus, when the on-line order is done, you receive your purchase at your home, in the specific delivery time that you concreted in the purchase.

Currently, on-line sale service operates in Spain and Balearic Islands, Italy, Portugal and France. Shortly, it is prepared to expand as the rest of Spain: Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla; as other countries, in order to offer a complete distribution and logistics service for all our customers.

Are my furniture assembled when is delivered?

Almost all our products are delivered assembled and conveniently packed in order to keep safe the goods. Only the biggest furniture or furniture with transport risk have some piece dismantled, and thanks to it, it assemble is very easy and don’t need special tools.

Which is the delivery time?

Really soon... for your comfort we suggest you an approximately delivery date at moment of authorized the order and, for each article.

At the moment of make your order, it is possible that some of the pieces won’t be available in the same date. In this case, we will indicate you an available date for every piece. Thus, you can choose between receive one deliver “all in one time” or as it’s available, according to your needs. If you decide to group all your articles, in order to the haulage contractor makes just one deliver to your address, you just pay a part of delivery costs. If, on the other hand, the haulage contractor make several delivers to your address you will have to pay the costs for every deliver.

Broadly speaking:

- Decoration and little furniture, you will receive it in 10 days via parcel service, just when the traffic light is blue.

- Biggest furniture, you will receive it, via logistic service, in 30 days, just when the traffic light is blue.

Which are the delivery costs?

Consult our delivery conditions.

What I do when I receive the goods?

When the goods are delivering, you have to proceed to unpack it and check that everything is in good conditions.

Please read our Conditions of engagement (Exchanges and Returns).


Can I change in shop furniture ordered via internet?

Our Banak shops and our virtual shop are worked with different programs and different product stocks, so it is impossible to make returns in a shop. However, in your shop you will attend with the highest efficiency in order to help you to administer your returns or events or if you need advice to decorate your house. Don‘t doubt about it, come to your nearest shop and with any obligation, we will help you to make the most of your house.

The furniture doesn’t correspond with my prospects, what can I do?

If your order doesn’t satisfy you, you can do any change or return, always within the time and conditions established in STANDARD SALE AND DELIVERY TERMS contacting with postventaweb@banak.com

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